Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your account?

If you have an account-specific question, send a secure message through Online Banking or give us a call.

Dispute a Debit or Credit Card Transaction

If you've already tried in good faith to correct the issue with the merchant, please contact us at 800.247.4364 or stop by your local branch to fill out a cardholder dispute form within 60 days of the transaction date.

If Your Visa Credit or Debit Card is Lost or Stolen

If you discover that your Visa credit or debit card is lost or stolen, call the Member Solutions Center immediately at 360.695.3441 or 800.247.4364. If it’s outside of normal business hours, please contact us on the next business day to order a new card, or you can stop by a local branch to get a new card issued the same day.

Notify Us of Your Travel Plans

By letting us know in advance that you will be traveling, you can minimize the chances that your card services will be disrupted while you're away from home. Call us at 800.247.4364 or stop by one of our branches to let us know your travel dates, destination(s), and contact information while you're away.

What phone number do I call if I'm traveling and my card doesn't work?

If you are going to be using your ATM or Visa debit card with a PIN number, please take the following phone numbers with you: 360.695.3441 or 800.247.4364.

Savings Transfer Limits

Federal Regulation D places a monthly limit on the number of transfers you may make from your Savings Accounts or Money Market Accounts (MMAs) without your physical presence being required. Transfers affected by this regulation therefore include:

  • Overdraft transfers (made automatically to cover insufficient funds in other accounts; see below)

  • Transfers made by a Member Service Representative on your behalf (over the phone or by a secured e-mail request)

  • Preauthorized, automatic, scheduled or recurring transfers (see below)

  • Transfers made using Online and Mobile Banking

  • Transfers made using Telephone Banking

You are allowed six such transfers per month, per account, to another account of yours or to a third-party during any calendar month.

How long is it before I can write checks or use my debit card after making a deposit?

Different deposits take longer to clear than others.  It depends when and where the deposit is made and the type of deposit being made.

For deposits made at a branch or by mail, the length of the delay is counted in business days from the day of your deposit.  If you make a deposit when we are not open, we will consider that the deposit was made on the next business day we are open.

If you make a deposit at an iQ Credit Union ATM
  • Cash deposits are made available immediately

  • Check deposits will release the first $500 immediately.  Please be advised that unique circumstances may impact the actual delay you may experience. Some exceptions may apply, see the Membership & Account Agreement for complete details.

Mobile Deposit
  • Deposits into a savings account will have a two (2) day hold and no funds will be immediately released

  • Deposits into a checking account will release the first $500 and the remaining funds will have up to a two (2) business day hold

How do I save on TurboTax?

Turbo Tax


As an iQ Credit Union member, you can save on TurboTax federal products.