Treasury Management

Simplify and protect account transactions for your business

ACH Origination puts you in the driver's seat

iQ Credit Union has a full compliment of ACH services to simplify electronic payments and money transfers.

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    Increased Security

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    Collect payments seamlessly

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    Improve cash flow

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    Cut processing fees

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    Reduce paperwork and eliminate paper checks

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    Seamlessly connect to your financial software

Business Fraud Protection

Fraud can be an issue for any business. Get peace of mind and protect your business with iQ’s payment fraud detection. 

Meet the Team

Susan Flagg

Susan Flagg

Treasury Management Officer

Dara Alexander

Dara Alexander

Business Relationship Officer

Brittani Masterman

Brittani Masterman

Business Relationship Officer

iQ Credit Union wants to be your partner for smarter money management. Contact our treasury management team today!

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When will my account at iQ be debited for outgoing ACH Credits?

iQ will debit your account for outgoing ACH payments two business days prior to the settlement date.

What is the cut-off time to originate an ACH batch in Digital Banking?

Business ACH cutoff time for each business day is 2pm PST.

What is the service charge for Business ACH?

Please refer to the Business Fee Schedule at

What type of ACH payment types are available?

Depending upon approval: ACH payroll, Consumer collections, Business payments, Business Collections.

How can I get approved for Business ACH?

Please email iQ's Treasury Management team at to request a consultation.

Can I upload an ACH Template from my accounting software?

Yes, you can upload a CSV formatted file as a Pass Thru in Business ACH>Templates.

What is the difference between the Scheduled tab and the History tab?

The Scheduled tab displays future-dated ACHs. The History tab displays pending batches awaiting processing by iQ or have been processed by iQ.

What is the cut-off time to review and decision checks that do not match my check issue file?

You have until 10am PST the following business day to review and decision checks.

What are the service fees for Business Fraud Prevention?

Please refer to our Service Fee schedule at

What is the difference between Check Positive Pay and Reverse Positive Pay?

Check Positive Pay requires you to upload check information you have issued. iQ alerts
you via Digital Banking of any checks clearing your account that do not match what you

What is ACH Positive Pay?

ACH Positive Pay allows you to only pay ACH's you have authorized and return unauthorized ACH items.

What is the cutoff time to decision ACH Positive Pay items?

You have until 3pm PST the same business day to review ACH items clearing
your account.