Your savings account is your passport to iQ membership privileges. We offer a bunch of easy ways to save:

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    Savings account

    $5 is all you need to open a savings account and become an iQ member.

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    Easy Saver

    Every time you use your debit card, you add a little more to your savings account.

    You know the old saying, “You have to spend money to make money”? At iQ, that is literally true with our Easy Saver program.

    Once you enroll in Easy Saver, you earn money with every debit card transaction. Every time you make a debit card purchase, the amount is automatically rounded up to the next dollar, and the difference is deposited into your savings account. Every quarter you receive a match of 5% on everything you save, up to $300 each year.

    When you spend using Easy Saver, it literally puts money in the bank!

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    Money Market Account

    Maintain a $1,000 balance and watch the money grow.

    iQ’s money market accounts offer competitive interest rates and give you more flexibility with your savings.

    Maintain a balance of $1,000 to start, and watch your money grow. Depending on your balance, you land in one of four tiers, each with its own APY—the more you deposit, the higher the return.

    Rates are calculated daily, and funds are readily accessible. You can make up to six withdrawals per month without incurring fees.

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    Individual retirement accounts (IRAs)

    Tax-deferred savings to secure your future.

    Use your savings account to help chart your path for retirement planning. iQ offers competitive rates on IRA certificates. Opening an IRA account is your first step to a more secure future.

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    Certificates of Deposits (CDs)

    Earn better-than-savings returns.

    Certificate of deposit (CDs) are a great way to save money and earn a higher yield. Certificates of deposit give you a higher interest rate in exchange for a commitment to save the money for a period of time, from a few months to a few years. You get a guaranteed rate of return, and your money is secure.

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With all iQ accounts, you get great value-added services, such as:

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    Mobile banking

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    Online banking

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    Direct deposit

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    iQ also belongs to a nationwide network that gives you access to 30,000 ATMs with absolutely no fees.

It pays to be an iQ member, especially if you take advantage of our iQ Member Perks.

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