iQ Offers Comprehensive Business Checking Services to Help You Grow

We know that running your business takes time and effort. Let us worry about the financial stuff. iQ has business banking solutions that make your job easier and can make you more successful. We have been investing in businesses throughout southwest Washington and the Pacific Northwest since 1940, and we want to invest in your business. Our Business Checking options give you the most for your money. 

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Business Checking

For business owners with low to moderate account activity
  • Minimum Opening Deposit


  • Monthly Service Charge


  • Interest


  • Transaction fees for checks written and deposited

    First 200 transactions are free each month, then $0.15/item

  • Cash Deposited

    First $5,000 free each month, then $0.10 per $100

  • Online Banking

    Free for Single & Multiple Users

  • Mobile & Remote Deposits, Cleared Check Images, Bill Pay, Visa Debit Card, Cash & Coin Orders


  • Statements

    Free eStatements or $2 mailed paper statements

  • Wires (Domestic/International)

    $10 incoming/$20 outgoing ($50 international)

  • Online transfers, ACH, ATM, Visa Debit Card & Direct Deposit transactions


Business Interest Checking

For business owners who would like to earn interest
  • All Items from Business Checking, with these changes:

  • Monthly Service Charge

    $10 waived with $5,000 average monthly balance

  • Interest


  • Transaction fees for checks written and deposited

    First 400 transactions are free each month, then $0.15/item

  • Cash Deposited

    First $10,000 free each month, then $0.10 per $100

Interest Checking
Description Interest Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Minimum Balance Minimum to Open Title-Date More Info
Interest Checking 0.050% 0.05% $0.00 $0.00

* Fees could reduce earnings on these accounts. Rates may change at any time, including after account is opened.

Bill Pay

Pay bills quickly and easily with our free bill pay service.

You can schedule payments and group them by category for better budgeting. Making eBill payments eliminates manual processing and snail mail while maintaining an accurate record. You can add invoice details to payments and receive alerts when bills come or when they are due. You never have to miss a payment again.

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Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and the risk of lost or stolen bank statements. Sign up for eStatements to receive an email notification when your monthly statement is ready to view or download—no more paper statement fees.

Electronic Deposit

Save gas and time by depositing your checks electronically instead of running to your local branch. Electronic deposits allow you to scan checks from your computer or smartphone and make deposits remotely, without having to leave your desk.

Overdraft Protection Keeps You Covered

Standard overdraft practices are included with your iQ business account.

You can also link additional accounts for more overdraft protection*.

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*If your account has been open for at least thirty days and is in good standing, iQ Credit Union may, but is not obligated, to pay overdrafts on your account. An overdraft can occur when there are not sufficient funds in your account to pay an item presented against your account such as a check, electronic fund transfer or ACH, bill payment, or other debit on your account. A fee of up to $30 may be assessed for each overdraft. Overdrafts and subsequent fees are payable immediately; negative accounts must be brought positive within thirty days of the account going negative.


*APY = annual percentage yield. Fees could reduce earnings on this account. Rate may change at any time after account is open. Click here for full account disclosures.

Truth-in-Savings Disclosure

Except as specifically described, the following disclosures apply to all accounts

1. Rate Information. The Interest/Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your accounts are set forth in the Personal Rate Schedule. The Annual Percentage Yield is a percentage rate that reflects the total amount of interest/dividends to be paid on an account based on the Interest/Dividend Rate and frequency of compounding for an annual period. The Interest/Dividend Rate may change monthly as determined by the Board of Directors. For all Money Market and IRA type share accounts, the rate may change weekly on Wednesdays as set by the Credit Union. If the Money Market balance drops below the Minimum Balance, then the interest rate will reflect the current share rate. Qualifying Intelligent Checking Accounts are tiered rate accounts. For these accounts, the interest rate applicable to a particular balance tier will apply only to the portion of the daily balance that is within the balance range for that tier. Terms and conditions to earn the Intelligent Checking rates apply, please see the Intelligent Checking Terms & Conditions for more information.

2. Nature of Dividends. Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings after required transfers to reserves at the end of the dividend period. The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield set forth in the Personal Rate Schedule are prospective rates that reflect the earnings the Credit Union anticipates paying for the Dividend Period.

3. Compounding and Crediting. For all accounts, interest/dividends will be compounded and credited monthly. The Dividend Period begins on the first calendar day of the month and ends on the last calendar day of the month.

4. Accrual of Interest/Dividends. Interest/dividends are calculated by the daily balance method, which applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. Interest/dividends begin to accrue on cash and non-cash (e.g. checks) deposits on the business day you make the deposit to your account. For all accounts, except Money Market and IRA / SEP accounts, if you close your account before accrued interest/dividends are credited, accrued interest/dividends will not be paid. Fees could reduce the earnings on an account.

5. Balance Information. The minimum balance required to open each account is set forth in the Personal Rate Schedule. The minimum monthly balance required to avoid a service fee or obtain the stated Annual Percentage Yield is set forth in the Personal Rate Schedule. For Money Market accounts, there is a minimum balance required to avoid a service fee. For Primary Shares, Money Market, Secondary Shares (over 21) and IRA / SEP accounts, there is a minimum balance required to obtain the Annual Percentage Yield for the Dividend Period.

6. Account Limitations. For Primary and Secondary Shares, Non-Profit Organizations and Money Market accounts, transaction limitations will apply. No more than six (6) preauthorized, automatic, overdraft, Online and Mobile Banking, telephonic or audio response transfers may be made from those accounts to another account of yours or to a third party in any month. If you exceed these limitations, your accounts may be subject to a fee or be closed. Refer to the Membership & Account Agreement for additional information. Intelligent Checking accounts are limited to one per account. Refer to the Personal Fee Schedule for current pricing. Refer to the Easy Saver Terms and Conditions for program details, including limitations on deposits and withdrawals