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Business Term Loans

If you need to make a large purchase to expand your business, then you need a business term loan. It doesn’t matter whether you need the money for equipment, commercial-use vehicles, to remodel a business location, or to cover any large business purchases. iQ has a financial solution to help any business grow. And our low fees and competitive rates keep more of your money where it’s needed most. And, for loan requests up to $60,000, you may apply in any branch for a speedy iQ Micro Loan.

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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Are you looking to take advantage of the equity in a business or investment property? Or perhaps you are looking to purchase a commercial property? Do you want to refinance an existing real estate loan? If you need help with commercial real estate financing, iQ has competitive loans to meet your needs, including conventional and SBA 504 loans.

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Construction Loans

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took years to complete the stages of construction—breaking ground for the first time, opening a new location, and even remodeling. There is a way to speed that process along, starting with a customized financial package. These packages can be used for commercial owner-occupied and investment properties of all types, as well as construction loans to commercial and residential builders and developers. With the help of iQ’s experienced business lending team, we can explore all the options available to support any type of commercial project.

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Operating Lines of Credit

Businesses are run on cash, and a line of credit gives you a ready source of cash for short-term or one-time financing so you are ready to quickly capitalize on opportunities. A line of credit is the perfect tool to cover seasonal operations or provide working capital. You can use a line of credit until the account receivables are paid or whenever short-term funds are needed.

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Micro Loan

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Meet Our Business Lending Team

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