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Embrace the Financial Wilderness with iQ

Classroom Presentations

If you’re a teacher looking for a way to help your students navigate their financial journey, iQ can help set them on the right path.

Whether you have kindergartners or college students we have a specific curriculum for every age and learning level. Each topic is designed to be as interesting as it is informative, helping students strive for financial success.

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Online Classes for Children and Adults

Financial education, much like the PNW, is a wilderness. We all need a guide, someone to help us along the trail. Since 1940, iQ Credit Union has been that guide.

Our uniQue take on financial literacy helps students strive for financial success. 

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Business and Community Learning

As we know, learning doesn’t just happen inside the classroom. That is why iQ steps outside our local schools to continue financial education at the places you least expect. Stopping in for a coffee before work? Stop by one of our Pumpkin Spice and Financial Advice workshops for a coffee and financial advice on us. Grabbing a drink with friends? Let iQ buy a round and we can share our knowledge about money management. Shopping for fresh flowers at the farmers market? Stop by our Produce Pals booth and let your kids learn money basics and earn a $2 token to buy their own fruits and vegetables from the produce vendors!

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Financial Reality Fairs

When you’re a teenager, the world of rent, taxes, utility bills and car payments seems light years away. So how do you teach your students about the financial realities of becoming an adult? Enter one of iQ’s Financial Reality Fairs.

These immersive simulation exercises put students in the middle of real-life financial situations, pushing them to think about money management, budgeting and other financial responsibilities in an engaging way that makes a real impact.

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Student-Run Campus Branches

One of iQ Credit Union’s little known community outreach efforts is our high school branch program. High school students are taught branch best practices while operating a functioning branch within their high school. Currently iQ has campus branches in seven local high schools.

  • Battle Ground
  • Camas
  • Evergreen
  • Mt. View
  • Skyview
  • Union
  • Heritage

These students also have the chance to become paid high school interns at one of our main branches. Our intern program has created pathways for dozens of students. Since 2015 over 40 interns have worked in our branches while still enrolled at their local high schools. Currently over 23 employees at iQ started as interns and have created successful careers as branch managers, department managers, loan officers and frontline staff.