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  • Decide on the type of home you want and how much you can afford
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  • Make an offer on a home
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"iQ Credit Union took the time to talk to me and the mortgage lender I talked to said 'Tell me your story. Tell me about you. Tell me about your goals'."



"My loan officer has been the height of service, patience, and kindness. She is knowledgeable and the kindest financial services representative that I’ve ever dealt with. Thank you for your service and care for our home purchase. We are home thanks to iQ!"

Kristen E. - member since 2013

"I was very happy with my home loan team. I got daily updates, they were patient, and did not pressureus; all while finding creative ways to prepare the best solutions and save us the most money."

Jennifer M. - member since 2016

"We’ve had multiple loans with iQ and each time we have had excellent results. I highly recommend iQ for all your financial needs!"

Mildred G. - member since 1999

"I was very impressed with the speed of which my loan was processed and how competitive the rates were. As a bonus I received friendly and courteous treatment. Well done!"

Dan D. - member since 2017

"My experience getting a home loan with iQ was excellent. We were well informed throughout the entire process and it could not have been smoother. I cannot say enough good things about the entire mortgage team."

Henry P. - member since 2019

"The entire mortgage process went smoothly and quickly. Everyone involved was very friendly and knowledgeable."

Tracy K. - member since 2015

"Our experience with iQ was the exact opposite of past poor experiences. Our questions were answered right away and we never doubted for a second things were going as fast as possible with our best interests in mind. I would recommend the iQ team to anyone I know!"

William B. - member since 1992