By tapping into your home equity, you can get a variable rate loan with the flexibility of a line of credit. We offer up to three different variable rate loans from your approved amount. 

Rates Effective as of July 1, 2019.
Loan Type APR Fixed or Variable Rate Index Margin Annual Fee
80% Home Equity Line of Credit 5.25% – 7.25% Variable Prime Rate -.25% – 1.75% $35
85% Home Equity Line of Credit 6.00% – 8.00% Variable Prime Rate .50% – 2.75% $35
 95% Home Equity Line of Credit 6.75% – 7.75% Variable Prime Rate 1.25% – 2.25% $35

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Actual rates depend on member credit qualifications including credit and employment history, and amount of equity in the property. The current Wall Street Journal prime index rate is 5.50%. We add a margin to the index to determine the actual interest rate. The minimum APR is 5.25% The maximum APR is 15.00%. Rates for fixed term conversions taken against the line range from 7.80% APR to 10.65% APR. Loan Costs: Range between $155 and $1,500 to cover third party costs, and are paid by the borrower. Learn more about Home Equity.