Financial Footings

Pre - K


Early childhood learning is vital to the growth and learning capabilities of children as they age. Our Pre-K curriculum will help introduce children to the world of finances.

Financial Footings Pre-K is all about coins and the dollar bill. Students will learn the name, amount, and shape of each coin as well as the dollar bill. They will also be introduced to setting goals. Each lesson is designed to work for all learners-making concepts so fun they won't even know they are learning.


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Chapter 1

Get to Know the Coins

Knowing the differences between the types of coins is important.

Have fun learning about each coin on the following pages!

Did you know?

Although the penny is the same shape as the other coins, it is the only one that‘s a different color!

Click and drag your cursor to color the image below.

Penny_word_1 Penny_word Penny_value Nickel_coin Nickel_word Nickel_value Dime_coin Dime_word Dime_value Quarter_coin Quarter_word Quarter_value

Match the coins to the correct piggy bank.

Chapter 2

Get to Know the One Dollar Bill

Now that we have learned about the different coins, it‘s time to learn about the dollar bill!


Did you know?

The numbers in the corner of the bill tell how much that bill is worth. If you see the number 1 in all four corners, you know it‘s a one dollar bill!

Dollar_bill Dollar_word Dollar_value

Chapter 3

Get to Know the Shapes of Money

Do you know the different shapes of our money?

Coins are a variety of different-sized circular shapes, while bills are the same size as rectangular shapes. Trace the shapes below to see the differences!


Chapter 4

Setting Goals

Is there something you really want? Maybe a new toy, video game or craft?

You can save the money you earn to buy that item!

1. Use the space below to draw a picture of an item you want.

2. Write one way you can earn money to buy this item.


We know how important it is to save our money. A piggy bank is a safe place to keep and save the money you earn. Decorate and color the piggy bank below!

PreKBooklet_Piggy prek seek the unique badge-1 prek sass-min
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